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Meet the Staff

Head Teacher Ms Stegenwalner (Ms Steg)
Deputy Head Teacher (SENCO) Mrs Harber
Administrator Mrs Billot
Caretaker Mr Michel
Year 6 Mrs Smith
Year 5 Ms Sangan
Year 4 Mrs Ahier
Year 3 Mrs Atkey-Smith
Year 2 Mrs Webb
Year 1

Miss Rogers

Mrs Titherington

Reception Mrs Le Moignan + Mrs Jacobs
Nursery Mrs Stansfield + Ms Martin
Music and Staff cover Miss Stievenard

Learning Support:

Emotional Literacy Support (ELSA) Mrs Betts
Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Jones

Mrs Coupel

Mrs Yeboah

Mrs Brennan

Miss Clayton

Mrs Simon

Mrs Kermin

Mrs Le Flem

Miss Delgado


School Cleaner Mrs Nairn
Breakfast Club Staff:

Mrs Jones
Mrs Coupel
Mrs Betts

Leadership in school

Maria Stegenwalner


Curriculum Lead

Health and Safety

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Lisa Harber

Deputy Headteacher


Mental Health Lead

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Children who are looked after or have been previously looked after

Steve Michel

Site Security

Fire Marshal

Rachel Smith

Senior Teacher

Key Stage Two Lead

Mathematics Lead

School Council

Laura Webb

KS 1 Leader

Key Stage One Lead

Computing Lead

Read Write Inc Manager

Sarah Le Moignan

Foundation Lead

Science Lead

Multi-lingual Learner Lead

Laura Ahier

English Lead

Emma Rogers

PE Lead

Jo Stansfield

Eco-team Lead

Geography Lead

Nicky Atkey-Smith

RE Lead

Nikki Betts

Learning Support Assistant

Mental Health Lead

E.L.S.A (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)

Felicity Jones

Learning Support Assistant

Lead First Aider