Teaching and Learning

We aim to educate the whole child, so that they can be caring, capable and responsible members of the community.

We expect that children will make expected progress, and we design our learning to give children the opportunities to develop skills that they can apply independently and in new contexts. This is what we mean when we use the term ‘Mastery’.

  • High Expectations for Everyone

    Every child achieves their potential

  • Good Progress for Everyone

    Careful monitoring and target setting

  • Equal Opportunities

    Respect for all

  • Every Child Valued as an Individual

    Respecting difference

  • Challenging Learning

    Striving for excellence

  • A Supportive Environment

    Helping each other

  • Developing positive attitudes and skills

    Skills for life

  • Successful Learners

    Lifelong love of learning


This core pedagogy applies to all children and staff in all lessons.