Dear Parents,

Our Reception class had been invited to take part in this project and the following exhibition before the situation we now find ourselves in. However, whilst we are in lock down getting out to enjoy our island, is not possible, therefore the project will have to be done from home rather than at school. Being at home doesn’t mean that our creativity has to stop, in fact it can start to flourish.

We are still allowed outside for a short period everyday for exercise. Use this time to play, run or cycle, but also look around and take some photos or collect some resources. Or look out of your window, we all have a different view.
Please spend this (bonus) time with your child and get creative. There is a whole island of talent out there, and it starts in the early years.

If you are interested in this project then please do have a go and get involved over the coming weeks, and let us know how you are getting on.

The information below may helpful for inspiration.

Our Beautiful Island

After speaking with many of you, the Ruth Miskin Training -Daily RWI Speed Sound videos (Set 1 and 2) on You Tube are proving popular, they are good for refreshing the phonics and letter formation. Also the links below are quite useful if you haven’t had a chance to look at them yet.
This is an excellent website. The link to the ‘Activities’ from the home page provides videos for parents that will help them to engage with the age related activities. All activities are aimed at supporting language and communication skills.
Simple, fun activities for children from newborn to five, really useful for supporting parents in developing their home learning environment
Also an a brilliant website from the National Literacy Trust with lots of information for parents. There are more videos to support parents and plenty of activities.
Listening to stories

If you have any questions just ask.

Mrs Le Moignan


Reception Home Learning Plan Week 1

Reception – April High Frequency Words