Maths No Problem

From September 2017 the school will be taking on a new Maths programme. Maths No Problem is a structured Mathematics programme that is based on the principles of gaining fluency and reasoning through hands on learning with equipment, pictorial representations and then abstract thinking. We will be introducing this to parents in the Autumn Term.

Growth Mindset

British people often don’t rate themselves as good at Maths – but if we tell ourselves we can’t do something, and don’t even try, we are definitely not going to improve. Maths No Problem works on the principle that everyone can do Maths – everyone can be a mathematical and systematic thinker.

The key to this is having a growth mindset – being able to tell yourself ‘OK, I am not doing well at this, but I can get better.’

A fixed mindset says, ‘I’m useless at Maths, I’ll never be any good at it.’ And if you feel like that why would you even try?

Jo Boaler, who is a Professor at Stanford, has worked with large numbers of children, and she has found that children who have a growth mindset towards Maths are more resilient, they have a go, persevere with problems for longer, and enjoy maths more.

Have a look at the Maths No Problem presentation to give you more information.

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