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When you use our contact form, none of your personal information is stored on this website server. Instead, the email, and all the information that you provide therein, is emailed directly to our administration team who will take up your enquiry directly.

What are cookies, and how does this site use them?

By using our site you agree that we will use cookies on your computer. This page explains exactly what cookies are, how they are used and where you can learn more about them.

What are they?

Cookies are small text-based data files that are placed onto your computer’s hard drive or in your web browser memory. These are written when you visit a website. Almost every website on the internet uses cookies.

What are they used for?

Cookies improve your experience of using a website. They can help your computer remember the information you supply when you register with a website so that you can sign in quicker next time. Cookies never store any confidential information about you personally.

The cookies on our website simply allow us to track generic usage of our website – not your individual usage behaviour. For example, we use Google maps to show you locations of events. A cookie might help you find directions to that event.

How safe are they?

Cookies are perfectly safe. They are simply little text files. They can’t access your computer or read any private information or anything else on your hard drive. It is impossible for cookies to transmit viruses or install anything harmful on your computer.

Why not just turn them off?

Parts of our site rely on them to work properly. Without them, you might not be able to access all of our site’s functionality.

How can I turn cookies off?

To find out how to turn cookies on and off in your browser, click on the relevant link for your browser below.

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