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Liberty Bus Training – Year 6

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This week sees Year 6 spreading their wings with a session lead by Liberty Bus, showing our children how to get out and about around Jersey.

Liberty Bus – Across the island

Liberty Bus has been transporting islanders for generations. As our Y6 students prepare to leave for secondary school, they will need to learn how to use this essential service for themselves. Today’s session is designed to show our young people how to read a timetable, find the nearest stop and buy a ticket from the driver.

The Liberty Bus Tracker App

Liberty Bus

The next generation of passengers needs a next generation solution. The Jersey Bus Tracker app tracks all the buses on the island at any one time. Log in at any time and see where every bus on the island is at any time – and all from the convenience of your own mobile phone.

Download the app to your phone, or visit the “Track My Bus” page here. Be warned though – it can be strangely addictive!

What does the app show me?

  • the whole island map
  • bus routes in colour (the dotted lines are where the bus takes a different route back to town)
  • route names in setttings
  • bus scheduled arrival times (by clicking on the bus stop)
  • school buses in blue
  • look up bus stop codes

Coming soon on the app…

  • Liberation Station bus departures

Get in touch with the Liberty Bus Tracker developers…

Got an idea to make the app better? Tell the developers what you like, don’t like, or what you’d like to see in the next phase. Email them at