Card Club – Years 3 and 6

Teacher:          Ms Steg                       Wednesday lunchtime            Autumn and Spring Terms

In Card Club we learn games such as Pontoon, Rummy, Patience and Uno.  Not only are card games excellent for developing quick addition and subtraction skills, they also teach reasoning and strategy.  They also provide essential skills for electronic free entertainment on long journeys!

Gardening Club – Years 2 and 3

Teacher:          Mrs Le Moignan          Wednesday lunchtime            All year round

We are fortunate to have a lovely garden.  Gardening club involves looking after our raised beds, weeding, planting and harvesting vegetables and flowers.

Football – Years 4, 5 and 6

Teacher:          Mr Hargreaves            Thursday 3:15-4:15 p.m.         Autumn and Spring Terms

We run football training for boys and girls after school on a Thursday.  We aim to develop football skills and promote sporting behaviour.  The school has an A and B team that play in the primary school league.

Forest Schools – various year groups throughout the year

Teacher:          Miss Hill and Mrs Jones          Tuesday 3:15-4:15      Spring and Summer Term

Forest School and Beach School is an outdoor approach to building skills and teamwork in different environments.  The children have experiences such as cooking on an open fire, art using natural materials, working as a team to solve problems.

Kilometre Club – Reception to Year 6

Teacher:          Mrs Betts and Mrs Jones        Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 a.m.   All year round

If you run 5 times around our school field, you will have run a kilometre!  In order to develop children’s fitness levels and give them a sense of achievement, the children have the opportunity to run a kilometre twice a week.  This is logged and they receive achievement certificates for reaching their goals.

Netball – Year 5 and 6

Teacher:          Mrs Atkey-Smith         Tuesday                                   Autumn and Spring Terms

We have netball training for Years 5 and 6.  We accept girls and boys, although currently we are only able to field a girls’ team for the league.  Netball is a disciplined, non-contact sport, that can be very fast paced and energetic.

Pétanque  –  from Year 2 upwards according to interest

Teacher:          Ms Steg                       Wednesday and Friday lunchtimes    Summer Term

We are extremely lucky to have Mr Sowerby and Mr Le Brun from the Parish Pétanque Club, who are on a mission to bring the sport to the next generation.  We head off to the Community Centre Pétanque pitch, where the children receive coaching and learn to play skilfully and strategically.

Pokémon Club – Years 4-6

Teacher:          Mrs Betts                    Friday lunchtime                                 All year round

Pokémon cards should not be in school, unless it is Friday and you are a member of Pokémon Club.   The children have the opportunity to play the game, and have the opportunity for trading, under the watchful eye of Mrs Betts, so that trading is fair!

Polish Club and Portuguese Club – Years 4-6

Teacher:          Mr Charlesworth         Tuesday lunchtime                 Autumn and Spring Terms

Learn Polish or Portuguese from the children are fluent in these languages.  This is a relaxed and good humoured club run by children who are proud to share their skills with others.

Signing Choir Years 3-6

Teacher:          Mrs Jordas      Wednesday 3:15-4:15p.m.              Autumn and Summer Terms

Mrs Jordas runs our Signing Choir.  The children learn the sign language to songs and perform them at a variety of events, as they crop up throughout the year.  Most recently we have performed a signing song at Jersey Sings, and previously the Signing Choir has taken part in the Island Games opening ceremony, where the theme was celebrating diversity.  We enter the Signing Section of the Jersey Eisteddfod every year.